Cricket Psychology Services

It has been suggested that 70% of a cricketer's success is determined by what goes on in his head. Learning the skills and beliefs that help you are vital to reaching your potential and to performing consistently well.

Sportaces have set up a cricket group to help you develop those skills that will take your game to the next level. We can help you take more wickets, score more runs, and become a better more concentrating fielder.

We specialise in providing ongoing support to young cricketers at County and National Academies. We blend our services to fit in with training regimes and the specific needs of each individual.

There are a number of key times that when how you feel will determine how you perform. Here are just a few that you will recognise:

  • Just before you bat
  • During hold ups during batting
  • After batting milestones
  • When bowling on flat wickets
  • When being tonked around
  • During long periods in the field
  • We recognize that our clients come from all different backgrounds and all sorts of starting points. Some are almost there when we start talking to them and need ongoing support to enhance what they are doing. Some need to have beliefs and habits of mind replaced, and to be provided with a range of skills that will help them overcome their challenges.

    Our training always begins with an assessment. We have developed tools for helping us to gather the relevant information that we require. When we have an idea of where the cricketer is coming from we move into delivering the training.

    The training is individual and dynamic. It often involves confidence, relaxation, self-talk, motivation, performance routines, concentration and focus, anger management, lifestyle management, new skill learning, imagining success and a lot of belief training.


    As a season progresses as you hit form you perform consistently well more often.

    Do you control this or are you at the mercy of luck, fate or something else?

    You can determine how good a season you have by preparing and being ready for what comes your way.

    Our unique coaching solutions are delivered online through our interactive online environment. This makes the services affordable and convenient... no need for travel... just private sessions with your sports psychologist.

    Recent Testimonials

    "Thanks to all the Sportaces Team for a cracking seminar... Everyone went away refreshed and with renewed goals.."
    David- Golf Club Manager

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