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When it comes to the physical side of performance it seems obvious to most people that you have to strive to improve, to get better. You have to build strength by training. You have to increase the difficulty of the training to further improve. You have to work smart physically so that you are prepared when the main event arrives. Yet it always amazes me how little attention people devote to getting themselves mentally prepared for the big event.

If you listen to the media pundits commentating at just about any major sporting occasion you will hear adverts for mental training. You will hear them saying that the victor(s) "got it right on the day", "was more up for it", "was more mentally strong", or "stayed focused throughout". For each time that the experts make these statements there is the other side. Those that "didn't get it right on the day", "didn't quite seem to get themselves up for it", "weren't mentally strong enough", or "lost concentration".

Why do you think that there are these differences? Is it chance that certain individuals and teams seem to be consistently good when they need to be?

Systems and structures should be put in place to cater for the mental side of development. Organisations can use Sportaces' expertise to help implement structures...


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"Thanks to all the Sportaces Team for a cracking seminar... Everyone went away refreshed and with renewed goals.."
David- Golf Club Manager

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