Recruitment and Employee Selection

Selecting the right people to join your squad requires consideration of a complex set of variables. Everything from the role the player or staff member will fulfill, to how the person will fit into the social and competitive environment must be considered.

For many teams there are a large number of unknowns which can result in the selection of players, staff, or managers that are not compatable and end up being failures. Sportaces can help to remove some of the unknowns by providing additional information for the picture, and by provide predictive reasoning where normally guesswork will have to do.

Selection processes based on knowledge, skills, attitudes and traits are widely used in business environments. By understanding the competitive sporting environment Sportaces incorporate this traditional wisdom into helping sports organisations make the right choices.

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Recent Testimonials

"Thanks to all the Sportaces Team for a cracking seminar... Everyone went away refreshed and with renewed goals.."
David- Golf Club Manager

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