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Golf Psychology Clinics

We can provide a resident psychologist to coach and support club members on a regular basis. This can either be on an online or face to face basis.

What are online Clinics?

With online clinics the golf club provides a quiet room, with a broad band connected PC, for members to have individual coaching sessions. The club has a regular morning, afternoon, day, or weekend booking with Sportaces and sell the time to their members. This system enables golfers to book an hour every week after a round, or after a driving session. Using a room in your golf club allows members to set aside time for the mental side of their game.


  • Golf Psychology Clinics provide clubs with an additional service beyond that which competitors offer.
  • Clinics help attract serious golfers
  • Clinics improve golf performance
  • Clinics improve member retention
  • Clinics provide clubs with an additional revenue via "support bonuses" from Sportaces.

Our partnerships with golf clubs are managed by our business development consultants. If you are interested in running regular online or face to face clinics email us at

Sportaces are actively seeking partnerships with golf clubs worldwide.

Recent Testimonials

"Thanks to all the Sportaces Team for a cracking seminar... Everyone went away refreshed and with renewed goals.."
David- Golf Club Manager

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